October 2020 Commercial Lending News and Successes

Good morning to Fall days of Voter Choice; 

What to watch in 2020 

– Unintended Consequences and Outcomes –

Proposition 19:

Property Tax Transfers, Exemptions, and Revenue

for Wildfire Agencies and Counties Amendment.

Sounds good – BUT it is sandbagging. Check the guts of the proposition and you will find the rest of the story,with the question – what’s next:

 The ballot measure calls to eliminate the parent-to-child – and grandparent-to-grandchild – Prop 13 property tax exemption. In effect, The child or grandchild must use the inherited property as their principal residence – not as a rental home or second home – or lose the Prop 13 exemption. Vote.

Please read for your self, check the details, and vote wisely, fully aware of the consequences.

The Good News:

Congratulations to all meeting the virus challenge: Being aware, responsibly using a face mask – keeping one’ssneeze to one’s self – and a bit of social distancing. These are helping reduce the spread of the corona virus. Numbers are down – especially as to the more accurate death rate and actual numbers of positives tests leading to CoVid-19. Amen and quite remarkable, as we await a coming vaccine. Keep up these good efforts in the coming flu & cold season.

Stay Strong – Be of Great Courage – Take Full Advantage of Great Rates

Beyond the headlines of fear and panic, there is really Good News: Saving rates are holding very strong. We are finding solid ways to significantly add more cash to our bank accounts. One such way is to take full advantage of our very, very low interest rates by: 1) refinancing our loans or 2) consolidating loans with a home equity line of credit. Truly, extra savings is a great ally and a lesson to be learned from this year of fire and a pandemic. Pay less / Save more. CalToday!

Do all you can for your local Small Business – I cannot say this often enough.

Unemployment rate: Temporary layoffs, once 12 %, is now showing numbers near 6 %. I love positive progress. This is a strong beginning, even adding a few percent for job losses and new entrants to the jobs market.  Yet be reminded, one tenth of the California workforce is sitting on the sidelines.  This is too much. California, open the doors to all small business. Congress and Senate, it is time to act. Take November out of the equation and put American workers first. There are many good ideas ready to be acted upon, so act.  Keep our Small Business open, alive, and vibrant. It is a good time to pray for the softening of hearts. 

Special Request: One of our companies has openings for those willing to work less than full time. We need people – today – to help us at farmers markets and to wrok at weekend festivals – primarily Bay area. Join our family of friends and their wonderful children – both in high school and college. What a great way to enjoy the week.  Please let me know who comes to mind.

Re-Openings: In the face of the Corona Virus, applications to start a new business fell from 27,000/week to 18,000/week. This during the second half of March and April.  Yet showing the fearless of the American spirit, by the end of May, applications fully recovered.  And from here, numbers kept rising, peaking in early July at 40,000/week – way above the norm of 22,500/week. Since then, weekly applications have stabilized – at 20% above normal. This re-orientation of the economy has created new opportunities and speaks to Small Business.

Home Refinances / Home Equity Loans: Quick note: Refi applications have increased dramatically and if these great rates continue, this strong demand will stay strong. This has become a great intermediate choice and wise financial decision. So please: Let’s start planning today. The process takes time, and the sooner you act, the sooner you benefit. Let’s talk today. 

Act Now – Call today.  Let’s lock in these rates.

Lower your payments and keep more cash in your pockets. 

Commercial Refinances: Have a need to refinance a balloon loan, or seek to invest in residential property, or need a sounding board? Let’s talk first, before acting. It is a great opportunity to: refinance, modify your commercial portfolio, or strengthen one’s balance sheet. If ready, let’s start today. We can discuss the advantages of a tax-deferred exchange – how it financially strengthens the value of your investment portfolio. Give a ring or email. 

Small Business Lending – Keeping Doors Open – Call us.

Commercial lending is fraught with challenges, BUT it is not dead. While some commercial lending partners continue their holding pattern, not all of them. It helps explain why active lenders keep asking more detailed questions as to: strength of rent collection, detailed due diligence of the property, and additional supporting documents. In these trying times, Lenders need more assurances of tomorrow. It makes good sense.

Thus our commercial lenders need data and this begins with tax returns and bank statements. From here, our work begins, whether for a construction loan, purchasing an apartment building,  refinancing a gas station, or for a mixed-use property (just part of the list of work we are already doing today). Quite a list of clients and we love the challenge called success, even if they take more time and careful diligence.  Let’s talk.


As a broker, we provide a needed ray of hope, in these uncertain days. For our commercial client, we provide a straightforward and careful review of available lenders, and the full range of lending options. They are ready and we will get you ready. In this fast-shifting market, we are an excellent pathway to your success. We know how to put together the strong, solid loan application, needed for success. We are proven and ready, with lenders ready to lend – today. 


Trust the true value and benefit of getting your loan done – right.

The virus will pass. May our being aware of one’s neighbor, in love, continue. Stay well. 

Many blessings for family and friends.