Your May 2021 Commercial Lending News and Successes

Good morning with eyes toward Summer fun; 

Back to Business   Commercial Investing

As masks begin to come off, common sense says, 

keep aware of your surroundings and stay healthy. 

Today is a balancing act between investor challenges and strong reasons to stay encouraged. 

Stay Strong – Be of Great Courage

Take Full Advantage of Great Rates

Calls to Action: ‘Capital Gains Tax Deferral’. 

The Bad News:  Expectations of increasing corporate taxes – next year. With this we may see new taxes on long-term Capital Gains. Not a great way to restart the economy. 

The Good News: We have the special tools to help. Even more, our emphasis on this detailed specialty, is expanding. We are Nationwide.  The beauty: We offer and have available to you, options and tools in addition tothe strict rules of the 1031 exchange or writing a big check. 

 Let talk, today!

SBA Lending:

1) SBA lending continues full steam, 2) Refinance window has re-opened, and 3) some rates on buildings, starting in the 2’s % !!

Call Today! – Don’t Delay.

Do all you can for your local Small Business

One cannot repeat this enough. WE need them.

Unemployment rate: Can anyone say “supply-chain” bottlenecks. This is a serious problem, as we transition back to a more normal economy, faster than other parts of the world. This brings with it a temporary, but most noticeable bump in inflation. At the same time new job openings are occurring faster than people looking for jobs. Clearly, it is time to bring an end to a once needed government hand-out – extra unemployment monies. So for now and the next month, let’s not over-evaluate unemployment numbers or inflationary spikes.

Good News: This shows the benefit-side of vaccines and States opening. Great News. 

With it, an increasing number of States are ending the extra pandemic payout. 

It is needed by business and an act of responsibility. Those States will benefit first. 

Re-Openings: Hopeful and watchful. Good news: This includes schools. Perhaps the loud drum-beat of fears will quiet and people can once again be free to live their daily lives. Amen. We may even discover two things: 1) We over-reacted and 2) Pent-up demand for freedom and consumption is real and alive, waiting to blossom forth like Spring flowers. 

Commercial Refinances: Response to CoVid weakened our P&L’s. The Good News: Lenders are still lending and financing continues. Kicker – but with more diligence, as to the quality of the paperwork. Here’s where I can help. Let’s talk. Let’s start the “prep” work today. 

We know the paper work and process. We do them well. 

Here is where we can be most helpful: 

Refinancing a “Balloon Loan”. The single most request and immediate need. We can be of great help and good sounding board in discussing a range of options and timing. 

Key: Let’s talk about the Good News and what it means to your investments.

Excellent rates offer unique opportunities: 1) Secure solid financing, 2) Modify one’s commercial investment portfolio, even an exchange to defer taxes, 3) Strengthen the balance sheet, and 4) Increase net cash. 

If you are ready, I am ready. Let’s talk today.

Yet for some, the bottom in elusive. Office vacancies continue to rise, worthy of constant review. Retail shows sparks, yet remains on the ropes. Based upon their credit analysis, lenders remain shy about some sectors. On the bright side, rental rates are showing solid improvement.

The Good News: American Ingenuity and Innovation. Most noticeable are Electrical Vehicles with enhanced AI – artificial intelligence. This includes both Cars, and trucks. Equally significant is Genomics – the study person’s genes structure or genome. This includes interactions between genes and with the person’s environment. 

 These are the new industries, making major changes in our lives and represent future growth and investment. They represent what could be thousands, even hundreds of thousands of new jobs. Now the race to match qualified skills with the specific tasks at hand. Near term, there maybe a short fall, but we are quick to adapt. This is the American way of success.

Fearless industries and creative thinking will lead us out of the CoVid confusions. 

They will drive demand and consumer spending – if and that’s a big if – 

foolish re-regulation and new taxes don’t get in the way. 

In the works:

 Rents for Apartments: There is a compromise in the words. Year-end, an estimated 28 % of tenants are pastdue their landlord. Their is a “CoVid Bill” that might have monies for l andlords. Trade-off: Landlords recapture 80 % of monies owed, if they forgive the other 20 %. Other such compromises may follow.

 Office properties: Slipping steadily. Reserves and resources are nearly out and staffing is not at 100 %. Current estimates suggest that 30 % of office workers are now classified as ‘remote friendly’. This cascades to surrounding local shops and commercial centers. The offset is the positive benefit to local neighborhood shops and services, close to home. 

 Reopening of Schools: A key indicator to normalcy. I expect a major shift in near-term expectations – soon. In-home day care / schooling has proven not be the solution. 

It is time to pressure politicians and the Teachers Union. Listen to the kids – “When can I unload the Zoom app from my life?” Teachers, it is time to lead your union.

 Good News:

We do ‘on-the-edge’ financing. This includes: Gas Stations, construction companies, and even commercial condo’s. Included is a smattering of small apartment buildings. It is a team game. First with lenders having an “on-going-work” approach to lending and wonderful clients ready to work and meet the challenges. Add to this, our profession expertise, and things get done and deals get closed. Let’s talk. Good things come from good preparation. 


As a broker: WE provide a needed ray of hope, in uncertain times. For our commercial clients: WE provide a straightforward, careful review of available lenders, with a full range of lending options. If you are ready, they are ready. Together we can make your investment dreams happen. It is an excellent pathway to success – uniting a strong, solid loan application, with interest rates unbelievably low. We are proven, with quality lenders ready to lend. Call today. 


Trust the true value and benefit of getting your loan done – right.

Many blessings for family and friends.